Who We Are

Jessie Tyler Williams laying on a beach

Jessie Tylre Williams

Born in Canada, Jessie has been coming to various parts of Mexico for over 10 years with the hopes of one day finding the perfect spot to do what she loves most … Helping people achieve their goals.

I know first-hand how challenging it can be moving into a new country trying to establish yourself and find that perfect home. By the time most of us are ready for this move we are entering into what I call the second phase of your life and this alone can sometimes be scary and a lot of uncertainty can arise. Having someone by your side that can not only assist you in finding your home (whether a rental or purchase), but someone who can speak the language, knows the ins and outs of the legalities involved in purchasing or renting in a foreign country, but someone who truly cares and is willing to go that extra mile to ensure you are completely comfortable with your transition. Fully licensed and established here on the Banderas Bay, Jessie has already been involved in the construction of a beautiful 22-unit condo building in La Cruz, has had both legal and real estate training, speaks the Spanish language and conducts her affairs with credibility and integrity.

Sometimes it’s just a small boost that we need to help us enter this phase, sometimes we must go a little deeper. Here at Second Faze it’s all about connecting you with what resonates with you and what you want to find in a home. Whether you are a beach person, enjoy living in the jungle or want something totally secluded we can work together to find that perfect fit for YOU! It’s not a one size fits all, especially when purchasing a home in a foreign country, so when we enter into a relationship it is one built with strength, integrity, and with your goals in mind.

Wherever you are in your life right now, whatever you are seeking, nothing is impossible, and we are here to help each step of the way! Come to a place that you can enjoy, relax and find peace and tranquility on these beautiful beaches. Let us guide you as you transition into the SecondFaze of your life! Welcome to Second Faze and welcome to our family!